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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Testing Testing... Is this thing on?

Ok so everyone these days seems to have one of these blasted blogs. For what purpose is surely a mystery to me. Some have a need to be heard. Others like to pontificate on things they think you should think are important. Yet others have the insatiable need to publicly record every step of their lives. Some like to teach or instruct and of course it seems the vast majority of bloggers have taken it upon themselves to save the world from everything from the spotted owl and global warming to the latest political figures exploits.

1D Mark III w/ 17-40 f/4L, 1/8 s, f/4.5, 36 mm, iso 100

My reason? I have absolute no idea. It seems like the thing to do? I've finally slipped off my rocker? I’m bored? Well ok I’ll accept those reasons.

Now that we’ve established why I’m joining the ranks of the blogging public, let’s define exactly what you might read on this blog-o-mine?

I haven't a(n) (expletive deleted) clue. I suspect this will wind up being a compilation of my everyday ramblings mixed in with some photography dispersed amongst random bitches and complaints. Those of you who know me know there’s a lot of ‘dem bitches to fill a blog and then some. From time to time I’ll add in a little NASCAR, some computer chat, maybe a bit of football and basically anything else that strikes my fancy at that moment in time.

One thing I can tell you is nothing you read on this blog should be taken seriously nor does it represent the opinions of the poster (me) or anyone associated with the poster (my friends and family.) “Now wait cotton picken minute.” you say, “How can your posts not represent your opinion if you are the one posting them?” You know what? Your guess is as good as mine but thats my story and I'm sticking to it.

Anyway, if I post anything that offends your sensibilities or rubs you the wrong way please pause for a moment, take a deep breath, and remember that life is way too short to take some strange, or not so strange depending on your point of view, blogger so seriously.

Laugh with or at me, learn something assuming I have something to teach, and most importantly have fun.

Remember to please exercise your intelligence as a human being, assuming you have some (there seems so little to go around anymore.) If you don’t like what you read here just don’t come ‘round here no more.

Oh and one last thing... Remember anything posted on Al Gore's internet is publicly available to anyone who wants to read it. You'd think a Nobel Peace prize winner could have invented something a bit more discrete but... Well you can fill in the rest.



  1. Good start.

    Let me just say that I am proud to be the first to post a comment. I want it forever noted that I beat your mom to it! (Hi Aunt Jeanmarie!)

    I'll be checking in periodically just to see what's what. No pressure!

    And finally, as a verteran blogger of exactly 6 whole days...I welcome you to this fun filled world!


  2. Yes you are the first to post but she read the entry only minutes after I posted it. ;-)


  3. Well my esteemed cousin Mike might have been the first to post a comment, and my lovely mother may have been the first to read this new and "useless" blog. But I can claim being the one present when my unique brother's interests which he claims will be subjects on this blog, were in their infancy. I was there when Nascar took the form of match box cars and orange tracks placed with great care all over the rec room in the basement. Woe to those clumsy little girls that tripped over said tracks and ruined a day's worth of careful planning and set up. I was there when the interest in football was formed via our Father's passionate viewing of the Washngton Redskins. I was there when our Mother inspired the first political debates by disagreeing with us just to get our back up. And I was there when the first pictures of Camp St. Charles were taken with a long skinny camera with a wheel to wind the film and a flash bulb. Through the years, it has fallen to me to remind my brother of these long ago beginnings and inspirations as he can't seem to remember what happened yesterday, let alone what happened 30 years ago. So I look forward to watching him create his own "memory" book of a sort and to read his ramblings that I have been priviledged to hear for more years then I will admit. Looking forward to it Rob. Love you.

    your little sis

  4. Ah yes my little sister who no matter what I did to her I could always get her to make me a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

    And with all the things I can't remember over the years I sure do remember who ruined Christmas for you when I showed you your brand new big wheel hidden carefully in the closet. Damned if you couldn't just keep your mouth shut... you just had to go ask mom and dad about it. ;-)