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Monday, February 11, 2008

What do you mean I can’t park here!!!

No photos this time just one of my rants but it’s sort of photo related. ;-) Remember, before you post comments read the very fisrt post in this blog. :-)

I was reading one of my favorite photo websites and there was a post from a guy who was upset that he couldn’t leave his car in a photo stores parking lot and go site seeing. Seems this photo store, B&H Photo Video, one of the largest in NYC, has a policy that gives you 2 free hours of parking if you spend more than $200 in the store. Man!!! What a deal.... NYC... 2 "free" hours of parking...

Well this guy seemed to feel that this policy entitled him to 2 free hours even after he was done his shopping. A stretch by any standard but apparently not to him.

Now I’m not going to be hypocritical here. I’ve abused parking policies with the best of them. Sometimes it’s even a sporting event especially in a city. But the thing that got my goat was that this guy was actually upset when he was told he couldn’t keep his car in the lot. Upset enough to complain about it on a public forum (which, in and of itself, is another oddity that I may get into one day ;-) And then to justify his side, he first claimed that those who chastised him were self righteous hypocrites, as if to say ‘everyone else does it so why can’t I,’ and then he claimed, and this one really got me, that the policy wasn’t clear enough.

Excuse me? Not clear enough? Ohhhh you mean that fine print that we now find on just about everything we buy!!! “Caution contents may be hot” on our coffee cups. “Don’t leave baby unattended near stairs” on walkers. (wait till I post my Darwinist ideas on warning labels ;-)

Well Duuhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! What exactly is there to be clear about? You’re in the store shopping; you can park. Your shopping is over; move your car. That’s it. Simple I think… Don’t you?

Look here’s the thing; taken solely on its own merits the parking thing isn’t such a big deal and maybe would be ok if we were talking some suburban shop with plenty of parking. But the fact is we’re talking Manhattan where parking is at a premium and you’re damn lucky that the store has parking at all let alone a free parking policy (which by the way isn't really free.) Regardless of the store’s parking policies, it’s just plain rude to tie up a space that could be used by other patrons while you go out and satisfy some self serving need to site seeing.

Isn’t that just common sense? Is common sense really dead? Do we as a society really think only about ourselves to the point where we get upset when we’re prevented from taking advantage of a situation? Is it really “All about ME!!!?” Are we such a litigious society anymore that everything we used to think as common sense has to be spelled out in the fine print? Can anyone think, on their own, anymore?

Oh and before you jump to the conclusion, as I did, that this must be the guys first visit to the big city; apparently he lives in a big city so we can’t even use the hayseed excuse. Jeez

The good news is most of the respondents thought this guy was wrong in his thinking. Thank goodness because I sit up late at night and worry about these kind of things while I’m worrying about society as a whole. At least this night I’ll be able to sleep well knowing that most photographers would never tie up the parking spaces at B&H for their own personal needs. I hope that one thought brings the same piece of mind that it brings me. It actually warms my heart to know that there’s no need for B&H to hire a lawyer to add fine print to their parking signs.

What a relief. And who do you think pays for all that fine print anyway?


  1. Sadly there is already fine print in many a parking establishment across this fine country of ours - i.e. this facility is not responsible for items left in the car. But I too have witnessed first hand a person rant and rave like a lunatic because someone broke into their car, overnight mind you, and stole a laptop computer that was sitting on the front seat. This parking lot was an outside lot in DC, not even under ground. What idiot thinks their laptop will be safe in an exposed parking area over night and that the facility should have had a "guard" on duty to protect him from his own stupidity. It must really free the soul to never be responsible for oneself!

  2. One day we just might be able to save ourselves from ourselves with fine print.