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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

George’s Place

I have to complement the folks who run Mount Vernon for the fabulous job they did on the new visitor center. It’s a fantastic place to visit. The kind of place you could spend hours in forgetting the fact that you actually went to Mount Vernon to see George’s place.

1D Mark III, 17-40L f/4.0

1D Mark III, 17-40L f/4.0

Both photos were taken with my 1D Mark III and 17-40L f/4.0 lens along with a circular polarizer, AV mode at f/8 for a deep depth of feild.

Museum Highlights

Education Center Highlights


  1. Far out! I photographed the construction of both places. Very cool to see how it all came together.

    I've not been there since final photos...there were no exhibits in place at the time. Glad to hear they've filled it up nicely.

  2. You need to get down there and see the exhibits. Well worth the time.