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Monday, March 3, 2008

Mother and Daughter

It’s not often that we get a picture of Terry with either of the girls since she’s the one usually behind the camera instead of in front of it. So as we were walking along a wooded path this past Saturday at Mount Vernon we happened upon a nice bench where I sat Terry and Caroline down and snapped a few photos.

1D Mark III, 17-40L f/4.0, 580EX Flash

Taking the shot was an interesting exercise in exposure and fill flash. It was early afternoon and the sun was high casting shadows down from the tree’s and branches. Not the ideal place or time to take a portrait but what the hell, I don’t get a chance to have two of them together all that often.

Had I just pointed the camera and pressed the shutter button I would have had the typical white blown out sky for a background and heavy shadows from the trees running across both their faces. So, while in AV mode, I pointed the camera up towards the sky behind them and locked my exposure. This would insure that I captured the nice blue color of the sky. To help enhance the color, I used my Circular Polarizing filter rotating it until the sky was deep blue. Then, with my flash in fill mode, I dialed down the flash exposure to - 2/3 stop so it wouldn’t blast too much light and blow out their faces. Finally, to achieve the nice warm color of their skin, I used a CTO gel on the flash to splash a nice orange cast of color on their faces; helps give a bit of that golden hour look to the photo when the sun begins to set.

1D Mark III, 17-40L f/4.0, 580EX Flash


  1. Very well done. Good explanation, too!

  2. Thanks. See I'm learning. Still don't like doing portraits however. ;-)

    Had I to do it over, I would have dropped the aperture down for a more shallow DOF but the photo works well for me.

    None the less, I'll leave the real portrait work to Terry.