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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Shooting in the Theater... Rehearsals

My first post on this subject concluded with just how important rehearsals are for getting the best out of your theater photography. So I thought I’d expand upon that point with this post.

First I have to give credit here where credit is due. It was my wife, Terry, who first used rehearsals as her main shooting time. I must admit, I was skeptical because the show isn’t polished, the sets aren’t always in place (mostly because I hadn’t finished them yet) and the costumes aren’t always complete. However, all it took for me to realize how right she was to watch her shoot one show. The freedom she had to move around the theater and even up onto the stage was simply liberating. And what struck me the most was the perspective she was able to capture especially when up on the stage with the actors.

The other distinct advantage is the simple fact that scenes are often rehearsed several times providing multiple opportunities to “get the shot.” Missed it the first time? No problem, just wait, you’ll have another opportunity.

Well needless to say I was sold on the idea and have followed her lead ever since.

The point here is exploring your freedom… Get right up on stage… Shoot from the wings… Move around the theater snapping away with the freedom of knowing you’re not interfering with the enjoyment of a real audience.

One word to the wise. Before you go running around the stage among the actors merrily shooting away, make sure it’s ok with the director, he/she may not take to kindly to you making yourself part of the show. We’ll talk more about working with directors, stage managers, and technical directors in my next entry.

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