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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Pay Attention Stupid

Have people lost all since of awareness anymore? I took Caroline to dance class Tuesday evening and I ran into two women who I swear I wanted to grab by the arm and shake. I’m not sure I can describe this well but I’ll give it a shot.

The dance studio is on the second floor of a building which is accessed through a door at street level and then up a set of stairs. At the top of the stair is a hall that runs from the front to the back of the building with doors into the studios left and right as you walk down the hall. Down the hall about 4 feet from the top of the stair is the first set of doors. The stairway and hall can’t be any wider then 4.5 – 5 feet wide and is usually filled with kids waiting to enter their studio for their lessons or parents waiting for their kids lessons to end. It’s not uncommon for parents to crowd around a door to get a glimpse of their lovelies dancing away. Needless to say, it’s always crowded but for the most part there is room to negotiate the gawkers and make your way up and down the hall. Well today it seems that these two mothers completely forgot that the hallway is limited in its girth.

After signing Caroline in and watching her go into her class, the one right at the top of the stairs, I attempted to make my way down the stairs but was blocked by the two women who saw fit to stand in such a way that they completely blocked the hallway while their little sweet hearts change their shoes. They yakked away as I stood right next to them obviously wanting to leave and while others were coming up the stairs, no doubt, late for class. We all waited for several minutes while these two took their sweet time apparently oblivious to the fact that anyone else exists in the world. They must be having an important conversation right? Earth shattering words and thoughts? Hmmmm NOT!!!!

At one point woman A says to Woman B just after slinging a huge bag over her shoulder, “I just bought this bag this weekend but didn’t realize how big it was.” Forgetting for a moment how pissed about their rudeness; I thought to myself, “Excuse me? You had to have handled the bag in the store before you bought it yet it didn’t register just how big it was?” Snapping back to reality I realized just how out of touch this one must be. My next thought was, “Some people must be destined to ride the “short bus” throughout life.”

Anyway, as these two were yakking, they were of course paying absolutely no attention to their girls who couldn’t have been much older than 5. Anyone who has raised kids knows that a 5 year old left to their own means will take an extraordinarily long time to accomplish even the most trivial of tasks. It was all I could do to resist putting the shoes on the kid myself in hopes that it would actually help clear the hallway. I thought briefly about just saying “excuse me” but it was all too evident that these two would have remained clueless and if they actually did realize what was going on, the commotion they would have caused trying to move their kids away from the stairway (like they should have to begin with) just wouldn't be worth the effort. The poor kids didn’t need to be subjected to that sort of commotion and most likely the two women would have though me rude for daring to interrupt their important hand bag conversations.

Well finally they broke off their summit and started down the stairs with their kids in tow. I followed behind. Mind you neither of them realized that they had held everyone up for the past several minutes. Then, to add insult to injury, they stopped again just outside the door to say their goodbyes, blocking the door and hold the rest of us up once again. At this point my head almost blew off. I was just beside myself with disbelief but words just wouldn't leave my mouth; probalby a good thing. I was speachless.

So I ask again, what is it with people? Completely unaware of their surroundings? So caught up in their own little worlds that they completely lose sight of the fact that there are actually others in the world? Or maybe we really don’t exist in their world. All I know is if I did something like that and my mother was around she would have grabbed me by the arm and yanked me out of the way; lesson learned. Come to think of it, if it were one of my kids I would have done the same thing. Is it possible that these people just didn’t have parents when they were growing up?

Now we’re all entitled to our momentary mind farts innocently not realize we’re causing a problem but in this case it was obvious these two were just completely unaware of how rude they were being. In my opinion it all boils down to the same common denominator that underwrites just about every social ineptitude.

R – E – S – P – E – C – T

Way to many people have no respect for anyone or anything anymore!!!!

So to pay homage to all those who seem to have no respect I offer the following,

A Definition: Respect is taking into consideration the views and desires of others and incorporating it into your decisions. Being truthful to people. When you respect another, you factor in and weigh others' thoughts and desires into your planning and balance it into your decision making.

And the great Aretha


  1. Your experience is all too common I am afraid. And to answer your question, you don't exist in their world. Even their little dancing pretties are seen as extensions of themselves. It is very sad. They have closed themselves off from the world and are missing out. I can't imagine spending my life with only myself as company no matter who else is in the room with me. Even I can't spend that much time with me. :-)

  2. [QUOTE: Even I can't spend that much time with me.]

    Who can? ;-)

  3. LOL... Sorry you set that up so perfectly I couldn't resist. :-)

    You are of course correct with you first comment (and maybe your second. ;-) They live in their own little worlds.