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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

It's just like a gel dad!!!

So we were at a restaurant in Williamsburg several days ago and while waiting for our food I was playing with my camera and flash. Well every one knows that the flash light by itself in a bar is just way too harsh and makes for a lousy photo so I thought to myself, hmmm lets try this. I placed the flash behind my full glass of Coke and fired it remotely with my ST-E2 and wala I got these photos.

Pretty cool I thought. Well Amanda wasn’t all that impressed and all she had to say was, “It’s just like a gel dad…” That maybe true but I’d like to see Amanda gel one of her theater lights with a glass of Coke.


  1. I dare you to do a whole study on "soda as filter". :-)I bet a Sprite would give you some cool amber effects.

  2. That is an excelent idea!!! ;-)