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Monday, September 22, 2008

A Foote in the door of the Civil War…

Who doesn’t like to curl up on the couch with a good book and a good drink and relax? Well those of you who know me know it sure the heck isn’t ME… Reading is not one of my favorite things short of a few trade rags and Google news.

“Wait a minute…” you say, “What the heck does this have to do with the civil war and do you know you misspelled foot?”

1D Mark III w/ 17-40 f/4L 1/320 s, f/5.6, 23 mm, iso 400

Well let me tell you. I’m actually in the process of “reading” Shelby Foote’s (see I didn’t spell it wrong) book, The Civil War a Narrative. I say “reading” because I’m actually listing to it on my iPod. Wow what an concept, audible books that fit in my pocket and I can listen to in the car while I’m driving all over town every day.

Foote’s book… well actually books…. Ahhh more like volumes… are fantastic. I’m about ¾ the way though book one, Fort Sumter to Perryville, and all I’m hooked. I can’t put it down. Shelby takes you every step of the way though the war from the economy and politics before the war to the characters involved in the war to regions and battles and even the little skirmishes that went on as hordes of troops were moving from one location to the next. This has to be the most complete works on the Civil War published.

More importantly it doesn’t read like a history book. Shelby has a way of writing that helps you see what’s going on in your mind’s eye. His descriptions of the locations and peoples activities are fantastic. Short of having to switch from the western region to the eastern region from time to time it’s very easy to follow without getting mired or lost in details.

If you are at all interested in the Civil War I strongly recommend you read these books. But be warned all three volumes are HUGE.

1D Mark III w/ 17-40 f/4L 1/25 s, f/4, 17 mm, iso 3200

Now for the photo. This time I used a three flash setup as you can see in the photo above. On the stand to the right was my 550EX attached to my 1D Mark III with a flash cord. I used this flash as the master to fire the other two flashes and as you can see its snooted to shine its un-gelled white light straight onto the iPod. To the left is my 580EX gelled with a heavy yellow/orange gel. Behind the box of books is my 430EX gelled with a dark purple gel and pointed at white illustrators board setup behind the table. All the flashes were set to manual mode with the 550EX (left) set to 1/32, the 580EX (right) set to 1/16 and the 430EX (back) set to 1/8.

The image was shot with my 1D Mark III with 17-40 f/4L lens. Shutter speed was 1/320 and the aperture was set to f/5.6.


  1. Well you know me and history. Some day I will borrow those voluminous books you have of Footes civil war chronocles - even tho I have not been a civil war fan - and I'm sure I will read them. Note actually 'read.' But, at the present I have 3 history books sitting in my book case and one I am still ploughing through. I say 'ploughing' which sounds like a chore but I don't find it one - just not conducive to relaxation of the mind. So I read those small contemporary fictions in between this 'serious' stuff. Glad you are 'reading' even if its a hearing exercise and not one of sight. The information is still getting in that head, I assume, and at the least it saves the eyesight.

  2. I like the choice of beer to go with those books.

    Thanks for the recommendation. Mr. Foote was the best part of the Ken Burns documentary. I will have to pick up his books to hear it all from the expert source.