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Monday, November 10, 2008

Meet Thomas Jefferson

One of the absolute pleasures of visiting Colonial Williamsburg is meeting and listing to a gentleman by the name of Bill Barker as he portrays Thomas Jefferson. Bill has brilliantly portrayed Jefferson for the past 20 years, 14 of which as one of the stars of Colonial Williamsburg.

Bill Barker as Thomas Jefferson - Kimbal Theater, Williamsburg, Va. - October 2008

Because I have enjoyed his conversations for many years I thought I'd post this video for everyone to enjoy. This was shot in 2007 and portrays Jefferson in the year 1807. What is so interesting is how Bill, as Jefferson, can draw so many parallels of current events to that of events going on 200 years ago. From contested elections, to the separation between church and state, to the position of the federal government, and maybe more relevant to today the nastiness of a presidential campaign and election, Bill can answer questions of current events with examples and text from over 200 years ago.

So please take the time to watch the videos. I know you will find entertaining and educational and if you ever get down to Williamsburg make absolutely sure you get to see Bill ehhm Thomas Jefferson. It’s always a real treat.

Please note the running time is about 90 minutes, however you can view the 9 videos separately by choosing them in the viewer.

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  1. Barker is very good. I always enjoy his speeches and he is an expert at taking current govt questions and answering them with century old answers.