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Saturday, January 10, 2009

I don't have my subjects

You may not see Terry with a camera in her hands as often as me but that's no indication of her abilities. Often when you ask her why she doesn't have her camera you'll hear her say, "I don't have my subjects."


Caroline and Amanda of course. She just loves to take pics of the girls. Nada one photo we have on the walls, mantel or tables are mine. Terry’s just much better at posing and composing portraits.


Well a couple of weeks ago while we were wandering around Williamsburg I manage to catch her in action.

Here's the first one of mine. It’s a bit soft in focus... Ok it’s out of focus but I like it anyway.

And the resulting image from Terry. I love the smile from Caroline and the late afternoon colors in the photo.

The second capture on my part is much better technically but a little less dramatic than the first. Notice all the cameras and camera bag hanging on Terry... Looking very professional. ;-)

And the resulting image from Terry

Not quite as good as the first but fun none the less.

Lastly, I wasn’t able to capture the two of them togehter with this one but Terry’s picture is classic. Here’s Caroline shooting photos at the wheelwright shop. Caroline managed to shoot over 300 frames in 4 days. More than Terry and I combined. Some of them are pretty damn good too. Maybe I’ll post a few in a future blog.

In any event like mother like daughter.

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