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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Along the Rails

I had a few hours to kill this afternoon after a client visit out in Laurel, MD so before I left the house this morning I loaded up my gear hoping to shoot a few frames. Of course the weather was somewhat uncooperative; rain, snow, cold, what better shooting conditions could one ask for.

Directly behind this client is a set of railroad tracks which at all other times are very busy with freight and passenger traffic. This morning was no exception. While I was working on the few items I needed to complete at least three trains called out to me as they grumbled past. Finally I was done and had at least 3 hours to waste so out into the cold and rain with camera and gear I went. A short trek though a wooded area behind the clients location and I was at the tracks. Surely it wouldn't be long before the next train right? Well maybe not. One hour goes by and no trains; then two and I'm now damn cold. Just my luck... the one day I actually have time to shoot and there seems to be no afternoon traffic.

All was not lost, however, as I did manage to get a few good photos without trains and the rain, snow and cold actually helped make these photos more dramatic.

And of course there's more along the rails than just rails.

The full gallery

Hopefully next time I'll actually capture some trains.


  1. Cold, rainy days almost always produce good photos. And here is no exception. Nice stuff. Like the 2 or 3 low to the ground perspectives and of course the leaf in the water!

  2. Thanks!!! It was a good couple of hours.

    I knew you would like the leaf. ;-)

    Not only did I have rain/snow but there was some fog and I really had visions of that big CSX diesel coming around the bend with head light peering through the mist and fog. Alas not this time.