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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A Day of Sledding

Well unless you've been living under a rock you know that the east coast was hit with a pretty big storm starting Sunday and going through most of Monday with accumulations from 4" – 12". Here in DC I'd say we had somewhere between of 4" – 6"; enough to have all the local school districts shut down for the day as usual. This, of course, meant that Caroline was home and eager to get out and play in the snow.

For me the morning was easy. She got up and made her breakfast, a donut, and immediately went out to find her friends. Gone for at least 2 hours or more the morning was quiet and I was able to get a fair amount of work done. Around 11am the door opened and I heard the thumping and thudding of her snow boots on the floor above me. Home already? Must be hungry after all I donut only goes so far when you're playing in the snow. Come to find out that the DC school system didn't actually close. Instead they opened 2 hour late so most of Caroline's friends went off to school so she came home.

Around 3pm she had enough of waiting for the friends to come home and she came down to me and asked if I'd take her over to the Carnegie Institute so she could go sleigh riding. Oh alright, so I gathered up my camera gear and she suited up in her coat and snow pants we trudged off to the big hills.

Trudging up the hill

No Fear

Here's a series I did while going down the same hill beside her on another sled.

Skidding to a halt at the bottom of the hill

Getting late, it was time for the long walk home

Over all it was a pretty fun day. Caroline got to stay home and play in the snow and I got a few cool photos to show for it.

The rest of the images


  1. Thanks Mike it was fun... Cold but fun.

    Did you get anything good in the snow?


  2. Looks like y'all had blast! Great photos!

    Jim from Sunny Florida

  3. Might be time to call your local paper and ask for a few small assignments. The photojournalist instincts are clearly there! (I just came from the whole batch.) Despite the obviously unpleasant little smash-up Caroline had with the tree, you kept shooting. Nice.

    (Although, I doubt she feels the same way!) ;^}

  4. Mike,

    Well now there you go again. (1$ to Ronny) ;-) LOL

    Yes I have the entire sequence (frames not posted) but most were poorly focused. BTW: right after that last frame Caroline actually started laughing and was ready to go again.


    Thanks man!!! Speaking of sunny FLA, I'm trying to get Terry to pay for a trip to Daytona in July but she wants new furniture.. I think she need to get her priorities straight what say you? ;-)

    Luv ya dear. XOXO :-)

  5. Well it's a good thing Caroline and I are so different... I would have been pissed off that you were still shooting pictures instead of nursing my "wounds"...