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Wednesday, March 25, 2009


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So first it was a blog and now its Facebook. Gaaaaaack…

First impressions… Not impressed. Great idea with lots of potential but poorly organized. Of course to all those who have been using it for a while think its fine but trust me it was clearly designed by the programmers who developed it. Nothing about it is all that intuitive.

I did figure out how to attach this blog to my Facebook page which is pretty cool. At least that way I don't have to keep up two sites. Just post here in the blog and it automatically updates my face book. Now that's how computers are suppose to work. ;-) I'm sure as I play with it I'll find other cool things but to be honest its all just a bit too much computer and communication for me.

That said Terry is having a blast finding all her old child hood friends. I think she's found just about her entire Mount Rainer gang. That pretty cool. I, on the other hand, have no desire to find old friends and those old friends who I do keep in touch with I do the old fashioned way… EMAIL!!!! ;-)

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  1. In spite of the fact that I love the computer and use e-mail and IM daily, including to converse daily with one of my 'old real friends' I am not interested in adding another communication device to my computer use. HOwever, I do know the 'kids' use it ad infinitum - maybe time to give these kids a class in exactly what the 'world wide web' is and that what they post is available to the wide world - I don't think they understand that idea considering what some of them have posted on their wonderful talk to friends pal - face book. And, do I want to find my old 'friends,' they wouldn't be long-lost old 'friends' if I wanted to keep in touch with them - as I have with the old friend I have stayed in touch with - even when our contact between DC and Atlanta was by that antiquated letter writing and US mails. Have fun with your new toy - facepage.