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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Testing… Is this thing working?

Well now this is very cool. I can use Microsoft Word 2007 to create new posts and edit old post on my blogs. As a test this is my first post via this method. Let's see how it works.

UPDATE: See here for instructions on how to set this up. Blogging with Office 2007


  1. Wow, applications that actually work together. What a novel concept. :-)

  2. And you can do it too!!! I'll try to do a complete write up later but for now, Open Word, click the round windows icon in the upper left corner, click the Publish option. Choose Blog and follow the wizards.

    Pretty simple. Haven't figured out the photo part yet.


  3. I haven't tried it yet either. But I have read about being able to download just about any 2007 Office document into outside sources.