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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Heinz Memorial Chapel

Chapel?  Isn’t Heinz some sort of condiment maker?  Oh yeah they make ketchup right?  Well yes they sure do but… what was it Hillary said when recalling the Barbary Wars… a long time ago Henry J Heinz, founder of that ketchup company, wanted to honor his mother, Anna Margaretta Heinz, with a building at the University [of Pittsburgh].  Although HJ died in 1919 he arranged in his will for the Chapel and ground was broken on the project in 1933. 

UofPitt 20090412-0014-3

The non denominational chapel is a site to be held.  Incredibly beautiful cathedral like building that is deceivingly small looking on the outside and monstrously huge in the inside. 

Most impressive are the stained class windows. 

UofPitt 20090412-0028-4

Terry and Caroline are standing in front of one of the 4 pairs of transept windows each 73 feet tall and among the largest in the world.  These windows represent traits of tolerance, courage, temperance and truth. To quote the website, “The windows, which highlight an equal number of women and men, contain sacred and secular figures from history, literature, and science. A rosette above each set of windows contains a red-winged seraph on the north and a blue-winged cherub on the south.”

I don’t know about all that but I can tell you they are very impressive as is the entire building.  I highly recommend a visit if you happen to be in Pittsburgh and while you are there make sure you visit the Cathedral of Learning right across the lawn from the chapel.  It too is incredible inside.   

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