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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

She’s a Techie Girl!!

This past weekend Terry, Caroline and I, went up to Pittsburgh to see Amanda’s show, ‘Angels In America: Perestroika’.  Perestroika is the second of two Angels In America plays written playwright Tony Kushner and deals with the onset of the AIDS epidemic in the gay community during the 1980s.  The play is written for eight actors, each of whom plays two or more roles.  HBO Film adapted it for a miniseries of the same name in 2003 staring Al Pacino, Meryl Streep and Emma Thompson. 

The show was fantastic.  Great acting especially in light of the subject matter.  More importantly the tech was top notch.  From flying angels to earthquakes to falling rocks  and fabulous lighting much of which was managed by Amanda and her crew.  

UofPitt 20090412-0054Tucked away in her small corner back stage

Amanda’s job this time? Assistant Stage Manager (ASM) and Deck Chief.    Basically, she ran the back stage activities which was no minor job I can assure you. 

After the show Amanda brought us back stage to show just how they pulled off all the magic.   Having worked on these kind of shows, albeit on a much smaller scale, it was impressive how simple things were considering how complex the seemed from the audience.  

Backstage Tour

UofPitt 20090412-0055Operating the Fly system

UofPitt 20090412-0051Demonstrating the Earthquake

UofPitt 20090412-0052Under the Stage

UofPitt 20090412-0062Through the Trap Door

Terry somehow getting in the middle of things.  I think Amanda was explaining how the hinge came apart some time during run through.

UofPitt 20090412-0064Watch your fingers!!!

Of course there’s no way a back stage tour could be complete with out Caroline acting like a ham

UofPitt 20090412-0061Hamming it up

UofPitt 20090412-0053 A rare sight…  Both girls with smiles at the same time. ;-)

Again it was a great weekend and a great show.  All the kids should be extremely proud of themselves.  One thing for sure Terry and I are extremely proud of Amanda.  

Next year Amanda is ASM/Deck Chief for Dracula and Lighting Director on Alice in Wonderland.  Can’t wait!!!      

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