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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Old Friends and Old Times

20090613 NW Reunion-0018

Had the pleasure of accompanying Terry to  Northwesters' 25th High School reunion.  Wait you say, didn’t Terry graduate from Seaton?   Yep, she sure did but she was part of the last class of Mount Rainer Junior High and most of her friends and class mates went onto Northwestern so when the opportunity presented itself to go to their reunion Terry jumped on it.  

Roughly 150 of a class of 300 showed up for a two night event.  Of course I knew no one but I was amazed, yet not surprises, at just how many people Terry remembered.  All to often someone would seek out Terry to ask who someone else was and not only did she know but she remembered the back story on everyone from where they lived to how many bothers and sisters they had.  I thoroughly enjoyed watching her have a blast meeting up with all these old friends, share old stories and catching up on new stories.

20090613 NW Reunion-0032

20090613 NW Reunion-0027

20090612 NW Reunion-0004 20090612 NW Reunion-0009  

It was truly an amazing thing to watch and very clear that all these “kids” were very close growing up and even more amazing that so many of them would take the time to get back together with people they haven’t seen in a 1/4 century.  A real testament to the friendships fostered so many years ago.  We should all be so lucky.

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