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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Old Friends, Good Bar, Great Band

What else could be finer? 

20090620 Old Friends-0019

Last night Terry and I went out, yes by ourselves without the kids, to The Old Brogue in Great Falls, VA to see some old friends and to hear a band with a lead singer that we were promised was great.  Well great isn’t the word…  Any group that has the guts to cover California Dreaming is great in my book but Mary you were fantastic. Oh, Brian and Neal, you guys were fantastic too and thanks for letting us borrow Mary between sets.  ;-)      

20090620 Old Friends-0020

It was great to see Mary, Maureen and Terry together again after so many years; you guys clearly had a good time and need to get together more often.  

BTW: Mary, next time Terry and I see you perform we’ll be sure to bring the entire complement of camera gear.  ;-)  

A few more photos


  1. And I wasn't invited? Hmmmm

  2. I don't know anyone named Anonymous so how could I invite you? ;-)

  3. Now you don't know me? :(