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Saturday, June 20, 2009

A Trip to the Falls

Great Falls that is… 

Got an email this morning from Mike around 8:30am asking if I was interested in shooting some GBH.  Well of course I would except that at 8:30 I was still sleeping.  I didn't actually read his message until 9:30am.  After a few txt messages we decided to meet at the MD Visitor Center around noon and boy am I glad I did as I managed to capture a few of my best to date.  

20090619 Great Falls-0022

20090619 Great Falls-0019

20090619 Great Falls-0042

20090619 Great Falls-0047

Where’s Waldo…  It always amazing to me how well these bird blend into the surrounding rocks. 

Of course Great Blues aren’t the only wild life up and down the canal and out at the falls.  There are an abundance of other birds, snakes, and plenty of turtles.

20090619 Great Falls-0082

20090619 Great Falls-0127

Just how many turtles can you count in this picture.  If you counted only 5 you most likely missed the old fellow right in front that looks more like a rock than a turtle.

Occasionally, you get real lucky and  catch a glimpse of a white tail deer.  This yearling happened to be wondering unexpectedly close to the path out to the falls. 

20090619 Great Falls-0002

But the thing that made this trip special was I brought along a new budding National Geographic photographer, Caroline.  

20090619 Great Falls-0107

She sat patiently like this for almost 15 minutes waiting for the Great Blue pictured below to strike out and snag a fish. 

20090619 Great Falls-0116

Unfortunately, he never did but Caroline’s effort was a gallant one anyway.  I think she even impressed Mike with her fortitude. 

It was a great day and I thank Mike for the call even though he had to wait around for us late sleepers to get our acts together and get out there. 

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  1. That first one is great! Also, 3,0 in the larger group.

    Glad you guys could get down there on short notice. We'll try again with a little better planning.

    Caroline is quite the trooper. She seemed to be having such a good time. Nice to see.

    Till next time!