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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Shooting the Rapids

All images shot from the MD side observation deck

20090703 Great Falls-0071 (1)Great Falls from the MD side

20090703 Great Falls-0319 (1) Scoping out the run

20090703 Great Falls-0270 (1) Maneuvering into position at the head of the falls

20090703 Great Falls-0343 (1) The first big drop

20090703 Great Falls-0351 (1) Rounding the rocks

20090703 Great Falls-0365 (1)The second guy cuts it a bit close

20090703 Great Falls-0194 (1)_1 The next big drop

20090703 Great Falls-0219 (1)Kayaker two, same drop.  He looks a bit more concerned about his line.

20090703 Great Falls-0200 (1) 20090703 Great Falls-0224 (1)

20090703 Great Falls-0230 (1)Once again they both pass very close to the rocks

20090703 Great Falls-0415 Bottom of the run looking back up at his conquest

20090703 Great Falls-0312 (1) 20090703 Great Falls-0250 (1) Headed back up the rocks for one more run.

To add a little perspective, I created this composite image showing the some of the photo locations relieve to the first over all photos of the falls.



  1. Well, that's damn cool! I haven't been over here in a long while. Didn't see this before. Groovy idea!

  2. Thanks man!! As you can see I haven't been here in a while either. ;-) Been way busy lately to even consider posting anything.