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Monday, July 6, 2009

What could be better on the 4th of July

Having a back yard cookout with life long friends. 

20090704 Pauls-0037 Jim, Paul, Mike and Me

Paul has been having a 4th of July party since we were all in high school together.  Through the years we’ve all done some crazy things and seen our lives change and mature as we got older.  But when you boil it all down we’re all still the same people we were way back then.  We might not see each as often but when we get back together its like we’ve been together every day since High School.  

Of course some do still see each other once a week but they’ve gone from Basket Ball to Tennis.  What's up with that?  An age thing? ;-)  

Thanks to Terry we have some fantastic photos to share. Enjoy.

20090704 Pauls-0011 “You’re going down!!!” it was a pretty intensive round of pool Badminton.

20090704 Pauls-0016 Cool shades Linda…  are they yours or Terry’s? 

20090704 Pauls-0017 What can we say about Joan…  She always has a smile.

20090704 Pauls-0023 Michael, who would have imagined him being such a good father to such lovely daughters.  It verges on Irony.  Can’t wait for the boy friends to start coming by.  Call me Mike I’ll give you some pointers. 

20090704 Pauls-0030 Jim, the “Gentle Giant.” Went from blowing up crabs with firecrackers so many years ago, to throwing little girls into the pool.  She asked of course and Jim happily obliged not once but twice.  I think that was about all he could muster…  After all we are getting “old.” 


It was a great time and Terry did a great job of capturing everyone's personalities… except mine…  No pictures of me other than the group pic.  I guess that show where I rank in the social structure.;-) 

To everyone else who was there, thanks for a fun day and here’s hoping for another one next year.  Of course thanks to Paul and Linda for putting up with us all and I can’t forget Paul’s mom and dad…  they put up with us way back when we were a much more… well lets just say… adventurous bunch. 

Happy 4th of July

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