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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

How About a Bike Ride

Finally getting this posted about a week or so late. :( 

atatrailllogo We’ve made two trips in as many weeks to The Great Allegheny Passage bike trail.  The trail runs from Cumberland, MD to Pittsburgh, PA.  No we didn’t ride all the way to Pittsburgh but we did do the 15 miles between Frostburg and Cumberland.  Well to be accurate the first time we road 6 miles north from Cumberland and back again.  This past weekend we took The Western Maryland Scenic Railroad from Cumberland up to Frostburg and then road the 15 miles back to Cumberland. 

20090920 Green Ridge Camping-0049Frostburg Station and Trail Head for Frostburg to Cumberland run. 

20090920 Green Ridge Camping-0089-1 Caroline on the GAP

20090920 Green Ridge Camping-0054Caroline and Terry on the trail

20090920 Green Ridge Camping-0103The girls taking a break about half way down the trail

20090920 Green Ridge Camping-0116Blurry with blown out sky but I like this one anyway. 

20090906 Cumberland Bike Ride-0030Ol’ 734 steams by

20090906 Cumberland Bike Ride-0046 The girls at mile marker 6

20090906 Cumberland Bike Ride-0082 Terry showing off;  Look mom no hands!!

20090906 Cumberland Bike Ride-0107End of the trail, Cumberland Station.

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  1. Fab pics - now its time we got one of you riding the bike.