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Sunday, October 25, 2009

A Budding National Geographic's Photographer

She looks like a natural doesn’t she?  

20091023 Firewood-0135

And the subject of her attention?

20091023 Firewood-0127


  1. That's great. Was that her picture you posted?

  2. Unfortunately, no, the mouse photo is not one of Caroline's. We had a technical difficulty with the camera and lost Caroline's images.

  3. Bummer about losing images! Tell Caroline I feel for her.

    Also, that, I believe, is a Southern Bog Lemming. Notice the lack of--or more precisely--the hidden ears. Mice have prominent ears and are less stocky. In other words... Cool! You photographed a southern bog lemming!

  4. Shoot without card was turned on so she shot away w/o a CF card. No idea how that setting got turned on as I don't remember every having a reason to turn it on. It was a real pisser.

    Oh and I think you spent too much time watching Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom as a kid... Lemming indeed. ;-)