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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

B Company

That’s what my grandfather used to say every time he was asked if he served in WWII, B Company.  What on earth is that?  His answer… 

“Be here when they go and be here when they get back.” 

John DodgsonJohn Dodgson circa 1940s

Although both my grandfathers never served in the military they did serve their country in very important jobs.  One had worked in the coal mines of Northern PA and the other in the NY ship yards. 

The point is while on this day of thanks to our “real” veterans who deserve our debt of gratitude, let us not forget those back at home who support the troops by doing their jobs and providing the necessary equipment, supplies and support both here and abroad.  We should never forget all the women who stepped out of the kitchens and into the factories to produce tanks and airplanes along with all those like my grandfathers who were unable to “serve” but still did their part right here at home to keep us safe. 

So on this veterans day I’d like to thank all our troops active, retired, dead and alive and all those ordinary citizens throughout our history and today who provide supplies and support to our military insuring that they can complete their mission.

Keep us safe and Thank You.  


  1. WWII was definitely a team effort. From the soldiers, sailors, marines, airmen, seabees, merchant marines in theater, to the folks back home rationing and sacrificing and working hard in factories, mines, and mills to supply the weapons and equipment needed to fight a war, our great country never stood prouder.

  2. our great country never stood prouder.

    No truer words could be spoken.