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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween Ghosts

So the image in this post are a couple years old but I thought it was appropriate and I haven’t done a How To post in a while. 

First the image.. 

20071031 Halloween-0105_11D Mark III w/ EF17-40"L F/4 @17mm, F/8, 6sec, ISO 100

The ghosting technique is really quite simple. 

The camera is set on a tripod and exposure is set for the ambient light.  In this case I used and aperture of F/8 for a pretty deep depth of field and  to help slow the shutter speed.  An aperture of F/8 dictated a 6 second exposure.  Now, to achieve a translucent Caroline I held my flash off camera left and dialed it down just enough to light up her face.  It was fired first curtain and then a second or so into the exposure I had Caroline step out of frame.  The initial blast of the flash sets her image and because she’s not in the shot for the full 6 seconds she appears translucent.   

The fun part about this technique is you can play around with just how translucent the subject is by varying the length of time they remain in frame during the exposure.  You can also govern how much blur is exposed as the move out of frame by varying the shutter speed and/or the speed by which they leave the frame.  The faster the subject steps out of the frame or the longer the exposure time, the less movement is captured and the more translucent they appear.  

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