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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Go Ask Alice When She was Just Small

What makes a good theatrical production? A good script? Good actors? Great direction? Fancy sets? Well yes, those things would certainly make for a good show but to pull off Alice in Wonderland you also need the proper ambiance. For Alice, that means great lighting and effects. To that end, it was Amanda’s job as Lighting Designer to provide the perfect ambiance for the University of Pittsburgh's Repertory Theatre Production of ‘Alice’, an adaptation of Alice in Wonderland by Emilia Anderson and Tamara Goldbogen, directed by Sam Turich with original music by Buddy Nutt.

Alice Stage Bill 

Well of course Amanda toiled over the entire project with her normal surface moans, groans, and bitching. All the while, everyone was telling her it was going to be great, but the perfectionist in her insisted that this wasn’t right and that wasn’t right and so on. The night I was there to shoot these photos, was near perfect but she stayed in the theater until 5:30 am tweaking things here and there.

All the hard work and long hours must have been well worth it because the final production was absolutely fabulous. We went up to Pitt this past weekend to see the final show and all I can say is WOW!!! What a great show. Well acted, the script was fresh and very funny, and of course the lighting was top notch. Certainly, a professional job by all involved.

20100222 Alice-0306-016 20100222 Alice-0031-001

20100222 Alice-0070-003

20100222 Alice-0093-004

20100222 Alice-0134-006

20100222 Alice-0187-009

20100222 Alice-0226-011

20100222 Alice-0248-013

20100222 Alice-0259-014

Terry and I are extremely proud and really hope Amanda continues in the theater after school. She may wind up being a starving artist for the rest of her life but it’s very clear she loves the work. AND… If I have to say so myself… She’s damn good at it.

Congratulations Amanda and to the entire cast can crew of Alice. It was a wonderful show and we all enjoyed it immensely.

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