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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Be Prepared

Any good photographer will tell you that you must always be prepared for the unexpected if you want to get the good shots.  This means having your camera by your side, at the ready, at all times. 

Well a couple of weeks ago I actually followed that advice and I’m certainly glad I did.  I was visiting a client in Annapolis where I was informed, that as apart of the Naval Academy’s commencement ceremony, the Blue Angles were due to put on a show.  Being that the client is a yacht builder and therefore right on the water, I stood a good chance of getting some great photos.   Gear at the ready, I continued with my business at hand patiently waiting for the thunder of FA-18s flying overhead.  A couple of hours later, work all done, no thunder.  DAMN!!!  I have to get all the way back into DC to pick up Caroline at school…  DAMN!!! 

Well, I give up and hop in the car to head back to DC.  Turn to head out of the yard and…  well one can’t really spell out the sound and felling of 4 blue and yellow FA-18 thundering by what seemed to be an arms length away.  I’ve seen flybys before at sporting events but nothing holds a candle to this flyby.  I whipped out the camera armed with my 100-400mm lens and started to shoot away.

20100528 Blue Angles-0040-004

Note the corner of the building in the left bottom corner of the frame.  Remember I’m shooting in the middle of a boat yard with buildings and masted sailboats all around me.  Getting a clean shot is going to be difficult as demonstrated below.

20100528 Blue Angles-0043-005

But with some patients, a good eye, and admittedly some cropping in post I was able to squeeze off several decent shots.

20100528 Blue Angles-0006-001

20100528 Blue Angles-0019-002

20100528 Blue Angles-0029-003 Note the con trail of the airliner flying over at ~30,000ft 

20100528 Blue Angles-0062-001-008 20100528 Blue Angles-0084-009

20100528 Blue Angles-0109-001-011

20100528 Blue Angles-0132-013 

Needless to say I’m 1) glad I had my gear with me and 2) glad I stuck it out to get the shots.  Unfortunately, I was late picking up Caroline.  Cost me $25 bucks but I thought it was worth it. 

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