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Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Great Debaters

No photos this time, just a reflection.

I grew up in a family of debaters.  In this family you learned pretty early on to set your emotions aside and voice your opinions loudly.   I can remember many Thanksgivings and Christmas’ sitting around the dinning room table “discussing” everything from taxes to war to politics to religion.  To get a word in edgewise you simply spoke loader than whoever currently had the floor.   Needless to say the room could get quite loud at times and to the outsider seem very heated.  But as an insider you always knew that when the subject was exhausted everyone could still sit around the table and laugh as only a family can. 

Well, sadly, our family lost maybe our last great debater this past Friday. 

Ian had the unique skill of being able to make everyone bust out in complete laughter with his impute to the discussion.  I remember once we were in a heated discussion about the existence of God, which of course Ian took the negative, and at the end of our debate the believer finished by saying, “May God be with you.” to which, with out missing a beat, Ian replied, “And may the Force be with you!!!”  We were all in tears laughing.   Maybe you had to be there but, I still bust out in laughter when I think about it. 

Ian, we love you and you’re going to be greatly missed.  Even though we’ve been thousands of miles apart, you always put a smile on our faces with your Facebook posts and sarcastic quips.  “Discussions” will never be the same without you. 

With a great deal of tears and laughter all I can say is, “May the force be with you, ALWAYS!!!!”  

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