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Friday, July 2, 2010


So  when I got back into photography, I made a deal with myself that if I got good enough I wouldn’t turn this hobby into a profession like I did computers many years ago.  For the most part I’ve been pretty good at sticking to that pact.  Most of the “work” I’ve done for other has been strictly on a volunteer basis and because I wanted the experience or fun.    I guess you can say I did this job for the same reasons but, admittedly, I was paid cold hard cash for the work too.

 0010My personal favorite

Pretty much your average everyday product shoot; capture images of a new line of show and club laser units, add a bit of mood lighting, some accent lighting, make sure the logo stands out etc, etc.  The final images were to be used in advertising literature and website media.  

0011Front View

 0006Rear View 

 0035A look at the setup

We used a three flash setup for the shoot.  The light you see up high was blue gelled and created the blue background off a piece of white illustrator board behind the laser.   The gold/orange accent was added by directing a light at a low angle so it would catch just the edges of the laser.  We used an orange gel to achieve the color.  Lastly we used a pure white snooted light to concentrate its light only on the logo of the laser.  Frankly, I don’t remember all the individual settings now but all the lights were set to manual and adjusted according to the look we wanted to achieve.   As Ansell Adams would say, “We used the right settings.” 

Please also note my two helpers in the background.  Amanda seems enamored with the pretty blue light.  :-) 


The result of all that work can be seen here in this one minute video.  The still images are the two you see above. 

Video courtesy of X-Laser

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