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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Restoring Honor Rally

August 28, 2010


Spent the better part of the day yesterday on the National Mall at the Restoring Honor Rally.  We, Terry Caroline and I, had the privilege of spending several hours with some of the nicest, courteous, proudest, and patriotic folks I’ve ever had the privilege of being around.  It was a very enjoyable day and quite uplifting from what I was able to hear, as we walked all the way around the reflecting pool and Lincoln Memorial photographing the event.  The only aggravating part of the day was coming home and reading the liberal press.  “Thousands come to the mall for Glenn Back Rally”  Thousands?  Really?  what rally was the press covering? The Al Sharpton rally?  There were at least a few more than thousands in my humble opinions. You look at the photos and you decide.

20100828 Restoring Honor-0005-002Arriving on the mall around 10am.  The rally is on the other side of the Monument grounds.

20100828 Restoring Honor-0009-004Love this kid!!!

20100828 Restoring Honor-0008-003The crowd at 10am; is this what the AP calls ‘Thousands’?  Shot from the grounds of the monument.

20100828 Restoring Honor-0014-006Just relaxing under a tree.

20100828 Restoring Honor-0016-007Even good ol’ Abe was at the rally.

20100828 Restoring Honor-0029-016If this is his thing than it’s ok by me.  It’s called respecting others beliefs.

20100828 Restoring Honor-0032-018The guy has a point.  Don’t think it will happen but its a good point none the less.

20100828 Restoring Honor-0037-020Does this shot look familiar?  How many were at the rally in ‘63? This was shot at 11am from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. Again I ask you, ‘thousands’? It’s somewhat difficult to see but the crowd fills in both sides of the Reflecting Pool into the trees and across the pathway that runs on the other side of the trees.  To the left is the Vietnam memorial and to the right the Korean.  You couldn’t even get to the Korean for the people and the crowd extended to the grounds of the Vietnam Memorial.  Looking to the Washington Monument the crowd fills in the entire WWII memorial grounds, crosses the street and runs up the Monument grounds just about to the Monument itself. 

20100828 Restoring Honor-0044-022Ok now here’s the only fringe group we found all day.  This group has protested Obama before, once reported on CNN during the 2008 campaign.  The surrounding crowd politely asked them to move on as this was not the type of rally for protesting or politics.  

20100828 Restoring Honor-0046-023Eventually, the Park Police moved in and the group moved on.  They were very respectful to the policemen and respectfully acknowledged the regulations restricting such protests on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial.  I thought for sure I was going to see some of the violence promised to me by the liberals but it was not to happen.

20100828 Restoring Honor-0051-024An impromptu tribute to the late Martin Luther King.

20100828 Restoring Honor-0055-025

20100828 Restoring Honor-0058-026

20100828 Restoring Honor-0064-028Some proud flag waivers.  These flags were all around the area, state, and US alike, along with a few Gadsden flags and even a couple Join or Die flags.

20100828 Restoring Honor-0079-030 Abe brought along his friend George.

20100828 Restoring Honor-0062-027Jesus meets Colonel Washington? I knew Glenn was religious but this takes the cake.  ;-) 

20100828 Restoring Honor-0083-031Love this shot even if I have to say so myself.

20100828 Restoring Honor-0097-032Dude!!!  Love the shirt!!!  Must really piss off your progressives friends.

20100828 Restoring Honor-0105-033

20100828 Restoring Honor-0107-034What’s with the funny hats? 

20100828 Restoring Honor-0112-001-035Yet another shot of the ‘thousands’ of people.

20100828 Restoring Honor-0153-040I’m not sure Glenn, the Tea Partiers, or any other conservative would use such violent a term as ‘Declare Eternal Hostility’ but if she added the word Marxism and used the word END I’m sure she’d get Becks full support.  

20100828 Restoring Honor-0157-042And what’s up with this dude?  Doesn’t he know he looks foolish?  Is there some discriminating message in his dress about the people who attended the rally?  Isn’t this the sort of behavior the left calls hateful? And why so crude?  I thought the liberals were supposed to be the cerebral thinking type.

Both these liberal protesters where just outside the WWII grounds. Apparently they didn’t get the message that the rally wasn’t a political one.  Frankly, I’m not sure why anyone would want to protest a rally fostering Hope, Charity, Faith and Honor. 

20100828 Restoring Honor-0028-015Caroline enjoying a nice bottle of water. 

20100828 Restoring Honor-0165-044Crowd at the end of the rally around 1pm, shot from the street between the Washington Monument and the WWII monument. 

20100828 Restoring Honor-0245-050Just a cool shot of the subway system at Farragut West on the way home. 

20100828 Restoring Honor-0161-043


You can watch the rally in its entirety here

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