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Monday, January 24, 2011

True Grit

Yes as in the movie!!!

Disclaimer: I’m a huge True Grit fan, both the John Wayne movie and the book, so I may be a bit over exuberant. However, as a huge fan, what could have easily disappointed... Didn't.

TRUE GRIT is fantastic.

This version of the movie is a fusion of the book and original John Wayne movie. It follows the same basic story line as the original movie but, like the book, the story is told from the perspective of the girl, Mattie Ross.  The Cogburn character is truly gritty and nowhere near as likable as the Wayne portrayal; again reflective of the character in the book. Although I thought the Mattie characters should have been just a bit more assertive, she too, followed much closer to the character in the book.

The acting is fantastic. In her first full length feature film 14 year old Hailee Seinfeld is a natural.  She’s a bit cuter than I would picture Mattie Ross but she pulls the character off perfectly.  Matt Damon is prefect as Texas Ranger, LaBoeuf and Jeff Bridges IS Rooster Cogburn. Although, it's never portrayed outwardly, you really get a feel for the relationship that grows between Mattie and Rooster. I credit this mostly to Jeff Bridges acting. His facial expression alone show you how impressed Rooster is with this 14yr old girl as she holds her own throughout the adventure.

The action is well done without being over played. The portrayal of the time period appears much more realistic than the first movie. The cruelty of the violence was very realistic but appropriate. Most importantly it kept just about every emotion stirred up throughout the movie. I laughed a lot and almost cried a couple of times.

Although the two movies share the same story line the their styles are so different that a comparison would be unfair.  They both hold their own and on their own merits. 

I don’t often go out to the theater to see a movie but I’m glad I went to see this one. If you have the chance go see it. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. It's certainly a DVD that I will add to my collection when its released.

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